Tuesday, August 14, 2007

What's Charmr Got to do with VirtuReality?

Charmr is a product concept for diabetes monitoring from AdaptivePath that Mike Arrington recently blogged about over at Techcrunch. Like Ambient Devices I'd mentioned earlier, it represents the some of the best of systemic design thinking that is a key driver of VirtuReality. In this case, the "system" is the human body, but what Charmr does for diabetics, we can soon do for Brand Sentiment, User Ratings or any other information that is essential for systemic performance, regardless of the system.

The VirtuReality connection for devices like the Charmr is more straightforward than it might initially appear. As materially REAL things (like the body in this case) become VIRTUALIZED through initiatives like Google Health, our actions change based on how we interpret network "vibe" in real time. That's a huge shift, and I look forward to more design thinking along the lines of Charmr leading the way...

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