Monday, August 20, 2007

Know What Time It Is?

Flava Flav may have accidentally tapped into the dominant emerging sentiment of VirtuReality, but for most of us it is becoming a daily reality.

WTF am I talking about?
Am I indulging in the "herbal therapy" with Flav?

Not quite.

What I am referring to is the prevalence of our experiencing non-linear time. In the original article I mention the non-linearity of Hyperlinks. Isn’t a link both the past (produced earlier) and the future (outcome dependent on your decision to click or not click) to arrive at the present?

If you look around, our lives are now measurable in the same metaphor of hyperlinks.

Asynchronous communication via email or SMS is an everyday thing. Add to that virtual tools like Photoshop, or this recent "Starring You" feature from Jib Jab to manipulate recorded digital imagery, and the concept of time, at least from a point of perception starts to bend...

When was that picture taken? Were you just there or did you "re-create" the moment? Let me send you something someone said two years ago on YouTube that's relevant to what we are doing now.... see what I mean?

Someone once said, that we are fascinated with the future because we are stuck in a linear perception of time. Living in VirtuReality, will that still hold true?

So what time is it (Really)?

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