Thursday, August 9, 2007

Posting Up to VirtuReality...

The observations in VirtuReality are not new.

We've all experienced it by the simple fact of watching TV, a mental construct of participating in a Real occurrence that IS NOT really happening in the screen in front of you.

Just like you, I've been experiencing it for some time too and have even posted about my observations before I wrote the article:

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What We Call The News! (Jib Jab) 3/29/07

Immersive MindSpace1/18/07

The Virtual Me 12/3/06

When Will Then Be Now? 11/13/06

Album Cover Mashups 10/23/06

There's more...but I think I bored you enough. The point is that VirtuReality is all around us.

The question is, how will you capitalize on it?

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