Wednesday, September 12, 2007

When Past, Present and Future Meld, How Do We Connect on a Common Context?

Virtureal experiences like these are coming to your living (and work) spaces very soon. So when the idea of "when" becomes ambiguous, how do we relate to each other?

-Is nature and/or animals the "untainted" grounding factors?
-Is it communal "unplugging" at predestined time?
-Is it joining a preferred reality timeline like the way we "join" social networks now?
-Or is it a waste of time to even think about this stuff?

The last bit is probably closer, but not necessarily for what may seem obvious. When "when" is uncertain, the best navigator is clarity on "now". See a related perspective on that on my recent GROWblog post.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Are Real "or" Virtual Still Relevant?

Are virtual worlds really the future of commerce?

Are all tomorrows really visible?

Can virtual environments really heal the planet?

Can you profit from Singularity?

Will the office actually become obsolete?

While the scenaric thinking referenced above is inspiring, and at times visionary, I don't think that they are definitive. The reason is "Virtureal" as you might have guessed. More specifically, these are not Real "or" Virtual scenarios, they are BOTH. The virtual interactions not only affect our collective consciousness, but also the physical world manifestations of that consciousness.

The furniture design image from MIxko above succinctly explains it non-verbally :)