Monday, August 20, 2007

In Vibe We Trust?

Why does the Nova light show video above change colors according to the collective mood in the room?

Why is Scoble calling Microblogging the new email?

What does beer and kitty litter have in common?

There's a reason we look for people like Scoble, Cashmore, Arrington, Malik and others to filter down the thousands pieces of info they and their staff go through to bring me what I need to know (even that's getting to be way too much now)

Two years ago, when someone I trusted recommended something worth reading or watching, I'd make time for it. Today, I prioritize based on level of relationship, agenda, and relevance to what I'm doing now.

I'm sure I'm not alone.

While services like Filtrbox attempt to lift more relevant signal from the noise, the volume of stuff created everyday (and some of it actually very good and relevant) is rising even faster.

So what is the ultimate filter factor?

The same thing we make subconscious decisions on when dealing with the other information overload we've come to accept as nature.

We operate on "Vibe" and "Feel" over fact.

Why? Because it is next to impossible to make evaluated, informed and logical decisions with such a huge volume. So how does "intuition" and "insight" translate to our VirtuReal existence?

Spatially experiencing information.

Twittering thoughts via Brain-to-Computer UIs, Mood sensing surfaces via Ambient Devices are just previews. I suspect we will rely on each other to filter their interpretation of "Vibes" relative to us.

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